Part I: Askaryl's Grimoire

Objects in the app

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During your adventures, you can acquire various objects that will help you in your quest to retrieve Askaryl’s Grimoire.

There are 6 different types of objects that you can find in the app:


Within the potion class, you can find some that will boost your main attributes or enhance your abilities. The potions can really give you that extra edge required to defeat your opponents during a fight or just survive in your quest.

As an example of a potion that you can find, there is the Duzterhnol Potion, which is a healing potion. It grants you with 10 Life Points.


You can also find various weapons ranging from a simple wooden stick with a basic damage value of 5 points to a heavy two-handed sword with a damage value of 12 points. You can possess various weapons but can only equip one at a time during a fight.

Inventory for the iPhone.

Meals & Drinks:

Your quest to retrieve Askaryl’s Grimoire will take you through the dangerous lands of Hamnasya and you will be required at some stages to either eat or drink. It is always useful to have some meal rations or drinks available in your bag if you do not want to lose your precious Life points due to hunger or thirst.


Armours will be useful during a fight as they reduce the damages you can receive from your opponents. The value of your protection is deducted from the damages caused by your enemies when they hit you. So if you are fighting a thief equipped with a simple dagger (6 points of damage value) and you possess a shield (protection of 2 damage points), when hit by the thief you will only lose 4 Life points. There are other factors that can modify the damages you can cause or receive but it will be further discussed in a post related more particularly to the fights.


There are also common objects that you can find from a simple flute to more obscure and mysterious objects. These objects should not be disregarded as they can influence your choices available at the end of a chapter. It is always useful to have a torch in a dark cave or to have a rope with a grappling iron if you are trying to climb the wall of a fortress.

Magical items:

Some magical objects can help you cast powerful spells that could strike your opponents during a fight, others can grant you special abilities for a limited period of time such as flying over obstacles or deflecting projectiles thrown at you.

What part do the objects play in the app?

All the various objects can be found in Hamnasya through shops where you can also sell some of your possessions, treasures or loots once you have defeated your opponents. They all play an important part in the app and they can influence the outcome of difficult situations and modify the choices available to you. Some navigation choices are depending on possessing specific required items.

Not all doors can be open through brutal force without the right key but then again you might have a Ronjmur Herb, which has the particularity of gnawing metals and stones. …

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