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New version 2.0 on iOS

Posted 5 years ago by Oliver

A new version of Hamnasya is available from the AppStore. It adds new 3D Dice and special effects to the fights when using magic items and special powers.
This update also solves some issues previously reported.

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  1. Ksenuendo says:

    The projekt looks great, trailer was epic, especially as for an Indie production… Just, at least in my case (I have IPad 2 with newest 7.1 IOS) game freezes on first picture of The story, just after character generation… Maybe itd not fully compatible with newest IOS…? I hope You will fix this – concept and graphics of game show a lot of potential, just it needs to be polished… Good luck and all The best with project!

  2. Kevin says:

    Sadly I can’t get past the character creation, as the app seems to freeze when the first picture is shown..any tapping on the left or right side won’t do anything…

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