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How to take a test

Posted 2 years ago by Oliver

At certain moments in your quest, you have to take some tests to see if your actions are successful or not. The tests will be in connection with your main attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence or Stamina.

Taking a test

When a test is required, you are presented with a table with squares hiding values ranging from 1 to 20. To take the test just tap on a square to reveal its value. To succeed, you always need to draw an equal or lower number than your main attributes.

Some tests are more difficult than others and you might be presented with a test showing +1, +2, +3 or +4. This penalty is added to the score you draw from the table.

For instance, if you are sitting an intelligence test +3 and you have an Intelligence of 9, you will need to draw a score of 6 or less to succeed.

During a test, you have access to your inventory so you can use any magical items or potions that could boost your attributes.


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