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Fight & Loot systems

Posted 2 years ago by Oliver

The fight system is on a turn basis and is using a combination of a random value from the roll of 2D6 and your dexterity score to determine if you successfully hit your opponent. The higher your dexterity, the more chance you have to hit and cause more damages.

In the sample table below you can see how the score from the dice and your dexterity can affect the outcome of your attacks.

Fight Table

M = Missed / H = Hit

Two other important factors in a fight are the weapons and armours used and their basic damage or protection levels.

So for instance, you have a dexterity of 10 and you are using a sword with a basic damage level of 10 points. When you roll the dice you obtain a score of 7, you manage to hit your opponent and you will cause 11 points of damages.

If your opponent had armour, the protection value would be deducted from your total damage score. So if, your opponent had a shield with a protection of 2 points, your final damage score would be of 9 life points that would be deducted from his health.

During your turn in a fight, you have the choice of several possible actions; you can hit your opponent with your weapon, use a potion, use a magic item and cast a magic spell. When it’s your opponent’s turn to attack, you roll the dice for him and during that turn you cannot use any of your items or powers.

Playing CardsSeveral opponents

When facing several opponents, each one of them will attack you during their turn, so you will have to endure multiple assaults before you can take action.

In a multiple opponents fight, you can select a specific target so you can decide to either focus your attacks on one opponent and take him out as quickly as possible reducing therefore the number of attacks or you can decide to spread your damages over several opponents depending on your ability to strike. It is up to you.

We tried to make the fight sequences a bit more fun and diverse than just relying on a random roll of dice. Your options and choices can really affect the outcome of a fight.

Where’s my loot?

Once you have defeated an opponent you can loot his body and retrieve any objects or treasure in his possession. The type of loot you can receive is random and depends on the class of your opponent.  For instance, don’t expect to retrieve a coffer full of gold from the body of a grey wolf…

You might notice a plus sign (+) on some portraits with a value. This value represents the number of additional loot you will receive when you defeat your opponent. So for instance a +1 means that you will receive two random loots.

Various classes

We have seven classes of opponents: Spirits, Humans, Demons, Animals, Monsters, Living Deads and Elements. You can see some sample illustrations of all the classes on our Facebook page, (Hamnasya on Facebook) check it out and let us know what you think.

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