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During the second step of the character creation, you select the abilities that will grant extra bonus points to your attributes. The number of abilities you can take will vary depending on the mode of difficulty you have chosen (easy, normal or difficult) and on your level. We have 11 abilities you can choose from:

Abilities Screen for iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Climbing: Crossing impassable obstacles, such as a fence or a wall of a fortress, will be no problem for you. You also receive +1 Dexterity Point.
  • Healing: You can recover some Life Points at the end of a fight and heal someone in need of emergency care. You also receive +20 Life Points.
  • Persuasion: This ability enables you to make most people, who do not want to disclose information, talk or confess a closely guarded secret. You sort of hypnotize them. You also receive +1 Intelligence Point.
  • Throwing: If you are armed with a throwing weapon, this ability enables you to hit any target with great accuracy. It also grants you +1 Dexterity Point.
  • Flexibility: This ability enables you to be a true acrobat. You receive +1 Dexterity Point.
  • Intimidation: You are able to reduce the dexterity of your opponents during a fight, thus reducing their chances to hit you. You also receive +1 Stamina Point.
  • Intrusion: You are able to sneak in anywhere without any problem and most importantly without drawing attention to yourself. You receive +1 Intelligence Point.
  • Language: During your quest you will come across many people with strange customs, habits and dialects. This ability allows you to understand them and to be able to communicate with them. You also receive +1 Intelligence Point.
  • Tracking: This ability is useful if you are looking for someone or if you are lost. You receive +1 Intelligence Point.
  • Swimming: You can swim over long distances without getting tired. You will also be able to hold your breath for several minutes. You receive +1 Strength Point.
  • Meditation: The ability to meditate enables you to focus your mind in any environment. You will also be able to recover power points at certain moments during your adventure. You receive +1 Stamina Point.


How to use the abilities  in this gamebook ?

The above abilities will open up the choices available to you in a given situation.

So for instance, if you need to cross a river and you have the swimming ability, you will be able to select the option to cross the river using it.

However, not having a specific ability does not always mean that you cannot take the action required.

If you want to cross the river but do not have the swimming ability, you could still be offered the choice to swim across the river but then you would have to take a test to see if you are successful or not.

During the development of this app, we decided to make the conditional options invisible to the reader.

In our gamebook, you would not see a message like: “If you have the swimming ability, go to X” with the text grayed out if you don’t.

You would rather see: “You have the Swimming ability, therefore you can go to X” or “Unfortunately, you do not have the Swimming ability, however you could still try to cross the river, if you decide to do so, go to Y.”

In some situations, we tried to give the reader freedom and allow the reader not to use his abilities if he decides not to. In the example of the river, the player, despite having the ability to swim, could also be given the choice to make a raft…

Next time, I will explain the test system that we have in place to see if some of your actions are successful or not.

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